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A few decades back, almost every home had a white kitchen. However, as the new millennium arrived, they were no longer used and instead tainted wood was used. Still, the charming and gentle environment of the white kitchen having a cool and pleasant look didn't lose its value. These days, white kitchens are back with some fresh twists that add a touch of modernity, newness and appeal to them.

The first thing that you have to consider is the kind of white to be used. The days when white used to be a single shade are gone. Nowadays, white cabinets are available in a wide range of shades ranging from bright white to subtle white. Both of the hues look fresh and recent, but each has a different appeal. If you are more attracted towards brightness, then opt for more whiteness. In traditional kitchens, bright white looks especially good. White kitchen cabinets with craftsman style frames look exquisite in bright white. Kitchen cabinets with the traditional cup style drawers also blend together perfectly. Adding to this setting the white countertops made of marble completes the look. 

You can also decorate your dishwasher and refrigerator with the cabinet doors, if you wish to g a give a period look to your kitchen. This will blend them well into your kitchen and does not distract attention. Nevertheless, if you want your kitchen to look modern, use shiny equipment to make your kitchen look elegant with a dash of classic touch. 

The white kitchens of recent times has one more unique feature and that is interest in even the smallest aspect. The cabinets of today have very fine detailing and a lot of moulding. The crown moulding at the cabinet tops gives a very stylish appearance to the kitchen and this means that the cabinets are of superior quality. Moreover, adding crown moulding to the top of already existing cabinets is very inexpensive and gives a new look altogether to your kitchen and make the cabinets more noticeable. But some finishing is still to be done. This can be done by using lighter hues of white paint on the cabinets, and a slight staining in the crevices of the design. Doing this enhances the details in the cabinets and makes them look new and pleasant.

White kitchens appear very charming. One more advantage that comes with having white kitchen cabinets is that they make your kitchen look bigger. Using dark colored cabinets make your kitchen look smaller than it really is. Opting for a white kitchen is a good option because of the elegance and beauty associated with it. And in case you are renovating your white kitchen, you can simply draw your attention towards details, such as adding new pulls for the drawers, replacing the previous solid surface and the laminate counters by natural stone with mouldings added to it. All of these procedures can give an altogether new appearance to your kitchen.




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